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    SubjectRe: The Ultra Sound Driver
    > What is planned in the sound driver area before 2.2?

    I've just merged Michael Chastin's recent bits to make the config stuff
    all start CONFIG_ and Thomas Sailer's giant "un-OSSifying" patch that
    removes a lot of the OSS strange ways of doing things for Linux ways
    [Hannu did stuff other ways for portability reasons to other OS's].
    The resulting code is far easier to read.

    > There were some discussion about use of request_module calls from the
    > sound driver vs enhancements to kerneld. I did not check if modutils
    > 2.1.85
    > fix these problems. IMHO use of request_module will make the sound
    > configuration
    > using conf.modules simpler, more flexible and also more robust.

    I agree in principal but I've not merged those yet.

    > Is there a chance that isapnp will get into a distribution kernel before
    > 2.3.0? This will enable big improvements to the sound driver.

    I hope so.


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