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SubjectRe: The Ultra Sound Driver
Chris Wedgwood wrote:
> I hope so.
> I thought isapnp was best left to user-space (I'm not ever sure luse95
> activate the devices as part of the kernel).
> What (aside from most modern sound cards) really requires isapnp support in
> the kernel? Won't most IDE & SCSI thingies be initialized sufficiently by
> the bios?
> And if it really is required - can is it possible to mark it __initfunc() ?
> -Chris

I just got an ISDN card, I could not find one which is not PNP.

The kernel part of the pnp support can be small, but most of it cannot
be __initfunc().
Kernel isa pnp support does not just replace isapnp. It should be able
to interact with device drivers long after boot time.

Itai Nahshon

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