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    SubjectRe: Zip drive SCSI layer cock-up?
    On Sun, 15 Feb 1998, Chris Evans wrote:

    > HOWEVER, the "cool" retries/IO failures/etc. stopped there -- my df
    > process remain hung in the "D" state, and I had to reboot to get rid of
    > this. Even turning the Zip drive back on did not help.
    > I know the answer is "don't do this", but has 2.1.x been hacked a bit to
    > make systems more resilient to this form of thing? Would autofs have coped
    > more gracefully?

    Not in 2.1.84+. autofs doesn't work at all... At least, all versions
    after the "unlikely occurrence" fix are broken for me. This isn't a
    networked box, so all of this is from floppies and CDs (two of each). The
    floppy death could perhaps be attributed to the broken floppy driver
    (mtools are OK, and I can read ext2 flops my box, but writing seems to
    break things badly.)

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