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    SubjectRe: [Fwd: 3940UW Driver Locks the Machine]
    > Robert L Harris wrote:
    > > > That would be me, but you're too late :) I've already fixed certain
    > > > problems with the Jaz drives in my latest patch, and even gone a step
    > > > further in my "about to be released" patch. More on that in the
    > > > announcement for my next patch.
    > >
    > > Know which kernel this will be applicable in?
    > This patch will be against 2.0.33.

    Which 2.1.X kernel?

    > > If you need/want a guinea pig (sp?) let me know... I've got a 3940UW,
    > > a number of seagate and Quantum Drives, a CD-R (Yamaha), 4mm Tape
    > > and Jaz in my machine.
    > Actually, I do need a guinea pig at the moment, but more specifically I need
    > one that uses the driver as a module. What they use it for isn't important,
    > just that they use it as a module so I can verify that the new module setup
    > parsing code works properly.

    Unfortuneatly I can't help in that respect. My machine has no IDE... everything
    is SCSI.

    > > Mine reports J^77 I believe. Is it possible to get a firmware upgrade?
    > > So I need to turn off command tag queing all together?
    > That sounds like one of the broken Jaz drives according to the email that
    > was forwarded to me from an Iomega tach support person. In any case, to
    > answer the question about what to do. There are two things you can do,
    > either turn off tagged queueing entirely, or go into the aic7xxx.c file and
    > uncomment the section on AIC7XXX_TAGGED_QUEUEING_BY_DEVICE and set up the
    > parameters according to what your system needs.

    So until the next kernel with this patch built into it, I need to turn off
    tagged command queing...

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