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    SubjectRe: Finding mysterious 2.0.33 crashes
    On Sun, Feb 15, 1998 at 10:33:12AM -0600, Doug Ledford wrote:
    > Well, the only thing that's really been established in this thread so
    > far is that there is no one common device in all of these machines
    > except maybe a 3 1/2" floppy or something similarly innane.

    Yes, it seems that this is the case. In particular, I have no IDE
    devices and we've heard from someone with no SCSI; there are also
    folks with various ethernet cards and mice who have the problem.
    Historically, ps/2 mice, NE2000 cards, and Adaptec 29xx cards have been
    trouble sources for other people (but worked fine for me, cross fingers)
    which is why I was curious about those. Let's consider them exonerated
    now. Only x86-compatible machines have been heard from, but that's not
    statistically surprising, and if it is a hardware problem, x86 machines
    tend to have flakier hardware anyway.

    > OK..I know this isn't an answer, but a complete lack of commonality
    > always brings me back to this point. Manfred commented that something
    > must have changed between 2.0.31 and 2.0.33. Well, of course that's a
    > given.

    It also appears that the problem appeared for many people at this time;
    2.0.29 works fine for me, but 2.0.33 exhibits the "periodic hang"
    problem. It could be a hardware problem that's exposed in 2.0.33, but
    the fact that everyone who has this problem is getting it at exactly the
    same time makes me think it might not be that. If 2.0.33 simply banged
    on the hardware harder, it _could_ be the culprit. For what it's worth,
    though, the 2.1.x series (through 2.1.86 or so) does perfectly (no
    hangs) on my machine (as do 2.0.29 and earlier kernels back to 1.3.xx).
    And pre-2.0.34-2 seems stable as well.

    I've had no problems with corrupt files, sig 11s, or anything else
    that's indicative of a hardware problem -- I just used rpm to verify the
    md5sums on my installed software, and they all look clean. The problem
    is unrelated to the machine's load (CPU, Network, disk, or other) --
    the only time that it's crashed while anyone was logged in was when I
    was doing nothing more than read e-mail. All my hardware timings are
    conservative, and the machine's not overclocked or anything obvious like

    The good news:

    It's been two and a half weeks since I had a hang (that was 2.0.33, I'm
    using pre-2.0.34-2 now). If it stays that way, I'm going to file this
    problem away in my archives and ignore it until other weirdnesses start
    happening. It would be nice to know whether it was a hardware problem
    or a kernel problem, but if I can't reproduce it then it's going to be
    nigh impossible to determine that.


    rage, rage against the dying of the light

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