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    SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: /dev/bios - flash rom bios driver
    On Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:27:41 +0000, David Woodhouse <> wrote:
    >Can it really be repaired easily? I thought that the procedure was to go with
    >your tail between your legs to your vendor and ask nicely for a new set of BIOS

    I recently accidently loaded the wrong BIOS on my ASUS P2L97S MB (I
    loaded the dual-processor P2L97DS BIOS), after which I could not boot.
    After griping to all and sundry that ASUS's install program doesn't
    warn when your BIOS update is wrong for your MB, I borrowed use of a
    EEPROM programmer and reprogrammed the chip. Fortunately the BIOS
    EEPROM is in a nice DIP package, and ASUS's BIOS upgrade files are
    straight binary dumps. Worked like a charm.

    Now I'm never going to install a BIOS early in the morning on little
    sleep again... :)


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