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SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: GTK and alternative GUIs and windowing systems in Linux
On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, linux kernel account wrote:

> Rasterman (author of enlightenment and imlib) now works for redhat and is
> working on Gnome.. :)

Matthias Ettrich (LyX), Kalle Dalheimer (Staroffice), Torben Weis
(Cicero), Arnt Gulbrandson (leafnode,ftpd,tmake and __the_toolkit_
independent_X11_drag&drop_protocol__, all _totally_ free stuff), Fritz
Elfert (isdn4linux) and many more others ARE capable programers.

Please believe me.

Another topic: Funding:
The KDE people made a Debian+KDE CD. They thought it would be fair that
the money should be spent in equal shares to the Debian Project and the
KDE project. Bruce Perens decided to pass the money on to the GNOMEs

KDE does get a lot of funding from major players in the industrie:
E.g.: SuSE GmbH, Caldera Inc, LST Software GmbH, o'Reilly, JF Lehmanns,
Delix GmbH, Delta Internet, LiVe and lots of others including MAJOR unix
hardware companies (KDE is NOT Linux only!).

The total funding does exceed the $1000 by much more than an order of a

-- martin

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