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Subject[OFFTOPIC] GTK and alternative GUIs and windowing systems in Linux
This is a followup, and I hope conclusion, to the rash of messages that
appeared after my praise for KDE and criticism for GNOME.

(1) I have been well chastised for starting such a discussion on
linux-kernel. I'm sorry for lowering the S/N ratio.

(2) The primary problem is differing definitions and goals. I am content
with a library on which I may develop non-profit software. For many of
you, that is not sufficient, because you want to be free from that
restriction. For mostly that reason, you reject Qt/KDE and determine
to work on GNOME.

(3) The distribution issues for Red Hat, Debian, etc. also fuel the GNOME
fire, not without good reason. It is a desirable situation to have a
completely free environment.

(4) The frustration I vented in my last message stems from the split in
free software development. It is unfortunate that there is such a
disagreement, however it might be beneficial in the long run. It
certainly isn't the first time multiple groups have formed with similar
goals. And I might find myself jumping into the GNOME camp if I become
more convinced with the open-source issue and the viability of GNOME as
a desktop solution.

With these comments I'd like to end this thread. Thanks everybody for the
educated responses and tolerant attitudes.


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