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SubjectRe: March 1998 article comparing NT/Unix/Linux as web servers
> On Tue, 10 Feb 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > In many ways 'asp' is quite powerful. There are similar solutions for linux
> > > but I've yet to find one as fully featured with a good database integration.
> >
> > PHP3 is close, except it insists on having a different API for each database
> >
> It supports ODBC but this is not widespread on unix/linux.

ODBC really annoys me! There is NO reason that they couldn't have
proposed a standard wire format instead of just a standard API. We're
all suffering from the stupidity of that missed opportunity.

There are at least two companies that make ODBC drivers and server
side interfaces that can talk to multiple databases (allowing you to
use one client for different back end databases) and one of them even
uses a published protocol. I believe that either the CORBA DB
API or possibly something else like a Java database interface will
eventually win out.

Note that until Java made it necessary (IIOB), Corba also had a fatal
flaw: Corba also didn't propose a wire format for data. That meant
you had to both buy into Corba AND a particular Corba companies
proprietary implementation!

For both of these, I scoured public documents and books for a long
time before I realized this. In both cases, probably intentionally,
this favored a monopoly-like situation where it was difficult to
create your own drivers.

Even just a straight isql (i.e. pure ascii SQL, where binary data is
encoded as hex) interface over a socket would be more than sufficient
to deal with the problem of a standard interface. I've always been
amazed and disgusted at what you have to deal with to talk to a

Believe me, I have Many ideas of ways to solve all of this. ;-)


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