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SubjectRe: Internationalizing Linux
Horst von Brand writes:
> I had to live with IBM codes for some time, and hated it every time I saw
> one: No way to remember what it was all about, only way out was to grab the
> (rather large) codes manual. And that was normally on loan to somebody else
> trying to debug a random program. Just to find out it was way off target,
> or a ridiculous informative message much of the time. People are _much_
> better at remembering a phrase in an alien tongue than 5-letter codes.

I've lived with them for some time too and I didn't mind. In VM/CMS
you could type HELP SYS1840-21 and get an elaborate description of the
error message with often suggestions for solutions etc.

Not that I think it's a good idea for the linux kernel since putting
such a thing together and maintaining it is a huge task with very
limited use. Translating info files, FAQs and HOWTOs would be a far
better place to invest time in.


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