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SubjectRe: A termios path
> (H.J. Lu) writes:
> > This patch for glibc 2.1 works around a Linux kernel bug, which I don't
> > see any easy fix. Also
> >
> > cfsetispeed (termios_p, (speed_t) 0)
> I see this is a problem but the whole implementation in the kernel is
> not suitable as it seems. We can't independently set the input and
> output speed therefore it does not make sense to remember setting the
> input speed to zero means setting it to the same value as the output
> speed.
> I think the solution which makes most sense is to change the
> cfsetispeed implementation to do nothing if the parameter is zero.
> Nothing more. This should solve the problem since it effectively
> means the input speed is the output speed.
> Can you try the test suite with this change?

That was my first approach. It doesn't work with

cfsetispeed (termios_p, (speed_t) 0);
if ((speed_t) 0 == cfgetispeed (termios_p))

"zero means setting it to the same value as the output speed" only
apply when tcsetattr is called.


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