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SubjectRe: [LITTLE BIT OFFTOPIC] Re: crypto
> On Dec 7,  2:33pm, Mikulas Patocka wrote:
> > Subject: [LITTLE BIT OFFTOPIC] Re: crypto
> > > > I think it would be nice if the various free-software organizations
> > > > teamed up with some big corporations to buy a ship with a powerful
> > > > radio transmitter (maybe also a satellite uplink) on which to
> > > > develop crypto in international waters for distribution everywhere.
> > >
> > > I assume you mean xmit from the US, if so, that would be illegal.
> >
> > I think better idea how to go around u.s. laws is to specify something
> > like Genral Encryption Interface. If you include encryption engine in
> > linux, u.s. gov. doesn't you allow to export it. But if you include only
> > calls to encryption engine and user has to download engine from some place
> > in his country, it should be legal. Does anything like this already exist?
> Actually hooks to crypto routines are viewed as crypto routines for purposes of
> export by the US Government. There have already been cases where open source
> developers have been asked by agents of the various US TLAs to remove such
> hooks. (The Apache development team comes immediatly to mind.)
> Currently the only solutions are either to get the laws changed or breaking the
> law and hope they don't try to make an example of you. (Odds of the first one
> are slight as the US Government no longer represents ideals like "freedom",
> "justice", or "rationality".)

And what about weak encryption? (I heart that 40 bit is allowed) If
somebody inside u.s. writes a free program that uses weak encryption and
anybody else outside u.s. replaces the crypt file with his own 1000 bit
crypt routine, could the person who wrote original program be punished?


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