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    SubjectCore dumps [Was: 2.1.131 size limitations]
    > > It's probably time for the kernel and tools to allow a swap-file that
    > > is at least as large as the RAM that can be addressed (real, not virtual).
    > You could do this with latest tools and you always was able to use few swap
    > files. And I'm still completely can not understood at all why size of swap
    > supposed to be more then size of RAM.

    On a Linux system, you are right. Systems that people tend to think of
    include SunOS (where the swap area _had_ to be at least the size of
    physical memory), and systems that can do core dumps of the
    kernel. Since Linux (at least not to my knowledge) cannot do core
    dumps of the kernel, the size of the swap area(s) are irrelevant
    compared to the physical memory size.

    Speaking of core dumps, have anyone considered the idea of making the
    kernel do core dumps? It would be nice to have a run-time option
    (/proc/sys/kernel/coredump?) that could tell the kernel when to core
    dump. Panics and Oopses are situations where you sometimes would need
    core dumps.


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