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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC?] Learning Linux architecture

In message <>, Dave writes:

> I apologize if this question is too far off-topic but I am new to the Linux
> world and would very much like to learn more about how Linux works.
> I am looking for recommendations as to where I can learn more about how
> Linux is constructed and how the various pieces interact. Not so much "how
> to use it" but more "how it is constructed". Something reasonably easy to
> read, preferably with good diagrams. Something that will give me a top-down
> overview of Linux that will help me understand it better. Books, magazine
> articles, web sites or whatever you can point me to would be good.

There is a book on the Linux kernel. It is for the version 2 kernel
but it's probably worth reading.

The title (there may even be more than one) is ``Linux Kernel

Actually, I'm sure there is another one but I cannot remember
the name. I think this one is more detailed though.

You can get more details at

Shannon - - InfiNet?
"People should have access to the data which you have about them.
There should be a process for them to challenge any inaccuracies." --
Arthur Miller

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