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SubjectLS120 enhancements

Here are some patches to the ide-floppy driver to support formatting
of standard floppies and a (very slightly) modified copy of fdformat.

The patch also includes a small fix from Gadi to avoid an oops in
idefloppy_end_request when using DMA.

Some points
- The format unit ioctl isn't much use at the moment as it locks
my machine (presumably) because no ide commands can be issued
until it is complete - I couldn't get the status reporting during
format to work. Format track also suffers from this but isn't
_quite_ as antisocial.

- (For my LS120 at least) the drives don't appear to want to do
a low level format of an LS120 - they just ignore the command
(LS120 disks are pre-formatted anyway)

- No alternative format densities are supported. My drive reported
a couple of alternatives but they were all lower than 1.44M so
there didn't seem to be much point.

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