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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux

|Plus, of course, if the FSF were to do something ugly with the GPL v3,
|it would be very much a one-time thing and cost them basically their
|whole reputation.
|Consider the differences between the v1 and v2 of the GPL. Pretty
|minor cleanup and debugging. I think that's the magnitude of
|differences you can expect. And I think that the FSF can be trusted.
|The number of people criticizing RMS for being too purticanical and
|not pragmatic enough seems to be some evidence that he's not likely
|to "sell out".

The word "puritanical" is just another smear at the system you seem so
devoted to. The effect of such license would be user options that
have nothing to do with technical merit and everything to do with
extortion and profiteering.


Robert Kiesling

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