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    SubjectRe: ASUS CD ROM 340 & 2.1.129+ dont work but work fine with 2.0.35+
    please read very carefully or you don't read at all :)

    hm i 've done some lot lot more testing and it's very very strange
    not drive,drive is 100% ok :)

    boots perfect in 2.0.35+ (sometimes reset drive)
    halt in 2.1.129+

    interesting is that workaround to boot in linux 2.1.129+
    now it is enought to go in CLEAN dos 7.10 (win95 osr2)
    on hard disk and then boot in linux with loadlin .

    (By CLEAN dos I meant dos without ANY drivers=without
    config.sys and ! )

    this 'trick' just wont work if I try boot from floppy same dos 7.1
    then loadlin .

    Sounds very very stupid but that the way it is !

    if you did'n noticed:
    ASUS CD ROM 340 SUPPORT UDMA (my board do not suport udma, old vx)
    and CD DRIVE work with every atapi driver in dos !

    BTW I am sure that this is not hardware bug
    if you still thinks so PLEASE read my first letter again !

    in 2.0.35+ boots straight !
    in 2.1.129+ halts when booted straight
    but when I enter in clean dos (not needed atapi driver nor mscdex)
    and do loadlin I can boot in 2.1.132 !

    Again I repeat that work only from hard disk not floppy, and the
    problem is only with kernel 2.1.129+ as I said with

    thanks for reading :)

    Zoran Davidovac

    for more info, tests,
    feel free to write:

    On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Jens Axboe wrote:

    > Alan Cox wrote:
    > > > I had installed dos drivers for asus (but works with all atapi drivers ??
    > > > it worked with my old atapi goldstarcd driver and ibmcd.sys driver in dos )
    > > >
    > > > and from dos i did:
    > > > dir d: ; this only spins drive ( drive d is cdrom )
    > > > c:\linux\loadlin vmlinuz root=/dev/hda4 ro vga=3
    > > >
    > > > and it booted in linux-2.1.132 fine and it works great under linux
    > >
    > > In other words the DOS driver contains some workarounds for the faults with
    > > the drive. Given running that first then booting Linux works, it would be
    > > a reasonable guess from your previous observations that this driver fakes a CD
    > > change or similar to fix the drive problem.
    > This is the second drive that has been reported to have this abnormal
    > behavior. I'll be back in a couple of days and see if we can't get a
    > decent workaround for this hardware bug.
    > --
    > * Jens Axboe <>
    > * Linux CD-ROM Maintainer
    > * "The only thing that interferes with my
    > * learning is my education." -- A. Einstein

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