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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux

> > (and e.g. allows proprietary forking etc), thus affecting
> > all programs currently licenced under the GPL, what could anyone do about
> > that? And please don't say, "oh, he would *never* do something like that."
> >
> Why don't you read, and then reread the exact clause that you so kindly
> attached in this ridiculous scenario. A new "nightmare" GPL version
> would not affect any programs currently licensed under the GPL.
> > Shake in your boots.
> >
> Shiver in your ignorance.

Well not really, the problem is not with the software being affected as it
was released the "nightmare" GPL could only be it allowing RMS(I'm not
accusing anybody here mind you) to specify that he or some other entity
has the right to sell this software for proprietary use, or worst yet,
having a right to re-license(note: not sub-license) to companies like our
now infamous Big Blue(tm) who would give an arm and a leg to be able to
take (legaly and letting people know about it) something like the Linux
kernel and the GNU development tools and use it any way they want with out
being restricted by the GPL v.2...

(Yes I do know that I probably just signed my death warrant in the GNU
community but it is a possibility, and please if you want to reply to me
personaly do it with out flames, show maturity)

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