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SubjectRe: ARRGHH !!! Gated is broken again in 2.1.131 ...

> - I'm attaching this patch against yours. this get's me a
> compilable source .

OK. I'll apply it as is.

About readline: I believe that if some useful feature is available
it must be exposed even if it may result in some troubles.
If someone falls to troubles, he either fixes it or decides
that whole package is a crap 8) Enabling the feature by default
will help the first guy, and disabling will not prevent
the second guy to step to another trap.

BTW I created directory misc and put there ii.c.
It is dumb, but pretty useful "frontend" to gii with
line editing, history and possibility to redirect output
to files and pipes.

> - I'm testing what I've got, right now . Also I found that
> 'gdc checkconf' produces an unexpected output that makes
> 'gdc' think there may be a possible error . See included
> gated_parse below .

Seems, I directed some debugging messages to the path,
where only errors should go 8) Thank you.


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