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SubjectRe: /dev/one - why not /dev/repeat?
Hi all.

>>> There are several reasons, and I for one could have used it many
>>> times. The biggest reason of all is speed.

>> That's legitimate, if you have an application that really would be
>> substantially faster with a /dev/random. What is this app, and can
>> you show benchmarks?

> If it was limited to a *specific* application, it would not warrent
> being placed it the kernel.

> One use would be for low level file (device) acesss as mentioned in
> the 'wipe' thread. Compounding two pipes, to strip 4,000,000,000
> line feeds, from using the 'yes' | 'tr' is slow and sloppy. It also
> assumes both commands are actually available.

What's wrong with the following C code being run as a usermode

#include <stdio.h>
void main(int argc,char *argv[]) {
unsigned int N;
while (1)
for (N=1; N<argc; N++)
vfprintf( "%s ", argv[N] );

Save that as wildecho.c and compile it, then do...

wildecho This is a test > /tmp/stupidity

...and watch your /tmp partition fill up with a single line file...

Best wishes from Riley.

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