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SubjectRe: Linux 2.1.132 & x11amp 0.7

Sorry to be a stickler, but I must point out that just because it works
fine for two people, it doesn't mean that the other eight people are doing
something wrong. This is most definatly a problem caused by the kernel.
I myself have heard of at least five other people on IRC complain of the
same problem.

I have yet not seen any effort to help debug this. If someone knows what
the problem is could they please post it here? I have stated before, I
would be willing to post any information, etc that would help debug this
situation... Just let me know what to post and how...

Happy Holidays...

Bruce A. Locke

On 25 Dec 1998, Harald Arnesen wrote:

> writes:
> > It appears that linux 2.1.132 broked x11amp. x11amp worked fine in
> > 2.1.131, however has stopped working in 2.1.132. I've also emailed the
> > author reguarding this matter, however I suspect its a kernel problem.
> Works fine here.
> --
> Harald Arnesen, Apall
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