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SubjectRe: Reading empty file (was: Re: /dev/full)
Horst von Brand <> wrote:
> > The lesson here, is to use /dev/zero when you mean it, and /dev/null
> > when you mean it, and don't use /dev/full for anything useful. :)
> Nope.

You seem to think that you are telling me something that I
don't know. As if I have no idea what the difference is between
/dev/{null,full,zero} is. Do you really think that I am that
confused? Did the smiley give you any indication?

> Write to /dev/full for an error like "disk full"

Is this really considered "useful"? Obviously someone thinks it is
useful, because it is in the kernel, but I don't see any immediate
applications. Still, it's easy to code, and doesn't take up much kernel

Merry Christmas.

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