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SubjectRe: Wanted: Secure-delete utility for Linux
Dave Cinege wrote:
|> Shail Bains wrote:
|> >
|> > Dunno of an equivalent for WipeDisk, though...
|> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdX : >
|> To be really sure I think that should be followed by /dev/urandom
|> then zero again.

Why urandom ? The safest way to destroy all information on disk should
be to reverse _all_ magnetic particles (flip and flip back)
|> AFAIK DoD military grade wiping is zero->random->zero->random->zero.

A better scheme would be 10101010 - 01010101 - 11111111 - 00000000


if I write a bit pattern to the disk - how is it stored ?
Remember, CD data are re-encoded to avoid long 1 or 0 patterns.
I'd guess, with fuzzy bit stuffing nowadays harddisk use similar
techniques... so perhaps a "all ones / all zeroes" pattern is
re-encoded to something that is near ...01010101010...

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