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    SubjectRe: Music videos on spice girls
    On Sun, Dec 20, 1998 at 10:10:35PM -0500, randy palmer wrote:
    > whats new on spice girls concerts?

    Heidy heidy ho!

    The spice girls now include oregano, parsley, orange peel, basil, and
    three other herbs and spices. This is an upgrade from the previous
    scary and infant spices of unknown composition.

    This secret blend of herbs and spices is included with all versions of
    Linux 2.1.131. This hot and spicy version of the Linux kernel is
    guaranteed to stimulate your technological tastebuds. Use of PGP is
    encouraged to ensure that this secret blend of spices remains a

    Scheduled for release next month are spiced and chickend. spiced is
    designed to deliver spices on demand. chickend delivers chicken on
    demand. Together they deliver a dish which can be sold for excessive


    Colonel Flanders

    GMD/CS/S d-(++) s: a? C++++ UL++++ P+>+++ L+++(++++) E- W-- N+ o>++ K w---
    !O M-- V-- PS+(+++) PE+(+++) Y++ PGP+++ t+ 5++ X+@ R+++ tv++ b+ DI D--- G++
    e++>+++++ h* r y?
    -----END GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
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