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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux
> You guys forget that one of the main reasons for inventing patents in the
> first place is to protect someone who dumps a lot of money into developing
> something. If the "something" they sell based on that is easily reverse
> engineered and copied, then the reverse engineers have the upper hand, and
> always will.

Patents were a scheme by which individual non rich inventors traded information
about their product for 17 years (which at the time was short term) protection
and monopoly rights.

That is no longer true, the whole justification is gone. Capitalism exists
to foster progress and competition in the interest of the people. Patents
are now part of a positively stalinist US corporate agenda and little

> Anyone want to see my file folder of potential multimillion-dollar products
> and companies to start that I will never have time for?

Patent them all, wait 10 years for someone to release one of them and file
a multimillion dollar lawsuit with a law firm on a percentage winnings no
cost lose basis - its the American way.


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