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    SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux
    >> IPv6 routing          Several good algorithms are prohibited.
    >> compression Arithmetic encoding (bzip), MPEG, audio, GIF...
    >> encryption Idea, RSA, some kinds of key exchange...
    >> color management The gimp can't do it. Damn.
    >> filesystem updates We can't do delayed ordered writes.
    >> OSPF The IETF is not happy with this one!
    >> quality-of-service Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) QoS
    >> register allocation Ever wonder why VC++ code can beat g++ code?
    >> PPP Can't return a useful error code to the other side.
    >> drivers/net/zlib.c Must use code with nonlinear time
    > This is true if (and only if) you are in U.S. Right? In such case it
    > would probably be good idea if "patenet-breaking" code was developed
    > here in Europe... I do not know if using apps produced by european
    > people would be then legal for u.s. people, but even good apps for us
    > europeans would be good thing (tm) :-). [It would be also kicker for
    > U.S. government: if there are better programs for european people than
    > there are for U.S. people, it will hurt U.S. for sure :)]

    Let's say we added the following:

    CONFIG_USE_PATENTS For non-US people only. Sure. :-)

    /* --BEGIN PATENT--
    * number 435353425
    * expire 20031127
    * owner Motorola
    * name PPP
    * --END PATENT--
    /* good code goes here */
    /* crummy code goes here */

    Also have a tool to scan for expired patents.

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