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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux
>It would be really stupid to not consider making them comfortable.
>Maybe they would want too much, but at least we ought to be willing
>to consider making a deal. They might just want less ambiguity.

The people within IBM that I have talked to mostly understand "free software"
and what the Linux community needs/expects. The problem is with middle and
upper management as well as legal depts. The concept of having software
availably publicly without IP attached to it is really confusing to these

The lawyers have read (and re-read many times) the GPL and found it to be so
vauge that they are afraid of it. I honestly don't believe they want to
detract from what the GPL does/says, they would just like it to be more
legally definative in how it licenses software. I'm waiting to see what
changes they actually propose before I worry.


Mike Wangsmo, QA Manager Red Hat Software, Inc

"As soon as I finish turning beer into water, I'll meet you in the
garage" -- Hank Hill

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