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    SubjectRe: good 2.1.x SMP kernel is?
    > ... Sitting idle, the box seems happy. In trying to syslog the
    > problem, I mounted all the writable ext2fs filesystems in sync mode.
    > The box seems to be doing the same tasks just fine, if one hell of
    > a lot slower (what you would expect for sync vs async). ...

    It took it ~22 hours, but it finished everything without any problems.
    Normally it takes about 5 hours and the least it has crashed has been
    twice. Again, this is with sync so disk I/O has been much slower and
    the CPU utilization has been much lower because I'm doing a bunch of
    compiling and I'm being held back by the disk output.

    Presumably that would rule out a bunch of "just plain broken" hardware
    issues, although I'm certainly not stressing a bunch of things. I can
    probably rule out RAM issues, but that didn't seem too likely anyway.

    Between the -ac kernels and the stock ones, I see I've tested both
    the aic7xxx 5.1.4 & 5.1.6 drivers, if I recall correctly.
    --- john

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