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    SubjectRe: LS-120 Formatting?
    Chris Wedgwood <> writes:

    > On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 03:02:20AM -0800, SethMeister G. wrote:
    > > I've checked the dox, but cannot seem to find a utility to format
    > > LS-120 floppy disks (either 1.44 or 120M). Has someone modified
    > > fdformat to do this? I didn't see any ioctl code in the IDE floppy
    > > driver to even support formatting media, or did I miss it?
    > I think fdformat will do 1.44MB disks -- I'm not sure what magic is
    > require to make this work for an LS-120 but I'd love to know as
    > someone has offered by a box of these drives....

    I'm pretty certain that it doesn't

    $fdformat /dev/hdb
    /dev/hdb: not a floppy device

    On my machine /dev/hdb is a LS120

    I don't think fdutils talks to them either.

    I've been looking to see if the ATA command set that these things
    support is documented anywhere (I know the CDROM stuff is on the
    Western Digital site but CDROMs don't have a format command :-( ).

    I think that you only need it for standard floppies as LS120 discs are
    all preformatted (so just do a mke2fs on them).


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