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SubjectRe: > Re: Linux threads -- as seen in NT Magazine
Alan Cox wrote:
> > I tried to find some books covering spin locks and similar things
> > but didn't get much at the local Barnes N Noble. Someone said
> > there were papers on it but I'd like something like a Stevens
> > book that had it covered.
> From a kernel angle "Unix systems for modern architectures" - Schimmel
> is at least worth a read. For some user space lock examples the javascript
> engine and threads from should be useful

Specifically, see
for commentary on how the JS locks work. When we switched to a ``bacon
bit'' system, the no-contention path through lock-laden code got _much_
better, since it became a CAS operation rather than a kernel lock.

I don't know if a similar system would benefit in-kernel stuff, but it
sure works for us.


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