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SubjectRe: 2.1.131: some quality thoughts
Neil Conway <> writes:
> George Bonser wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Neil Conway wrote:
> >
> > > Em, that's a bit lame. "rm -f filename" won't remove a directory, and
> > > if you type "rm -rf <xxx>" then you deserve all you get.
> > >
> > > N
> >
> > rm 'find . | grep core' would not remove the directory but would remove
> > anything in it.
> Quite true (assuming you meant back-quotes ;-)). I've never considered
> doing it that way... Too damn dangerous. Surely it's not too much grief
> to do "find . -type f -name core" instead? The way you are doing it,
> even files called (e.g.) "netcore.c" would be vaped.

Agreed... also, embarrassing as it is to admit in this day and age of
gigabyte-RAM computers, commands such as "rm 'find . | grep core'"
will tend to fail on large source trees due to "arg limit exceeded".

Mirian Crzig Lennox Systems Anarchist
"There's a New World Order coming every minute.
Make mine extra cheese."

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