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    SubjectRe: PATCH: Raw device IO for 2.1.131

    On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, David S. Miller wrote:

    > Just one situation I want clarified, do you think we'll be able to fit
    > into our framework a way to (for example) get at the user's
    > application level headers during a write (ie. http header, then the
    > data)?

    i can see 3 solutions:

    2) if we are lucky: ie. the headers are predictable (ipv6, video)
    or the hardware plays well too, we can splice the data flow before
    the DMA is done, thus we can feed both user-visible buffers and
    'content' buffers. (or in the case of vide, where frame size
    is predictable, the mapping can be static) This is not always

    1) we are smart: we put some _simple_ dataflow-changing
    functionality into the kernel. The ability to parse very simple
    and secure headers. Push anything more complex to user-space: it's
    going to cost time anyway, it's complex ...

    (this functionality might be in the card as well...)

    the problem is with the VM again: the VM has page-alignment and
    granularity issues, making 'data-flow splice' harder.

    -- mingo

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