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SubjectRe: RS/6000 (was Re:Linux/98?!?)
Harald Milz <> writes:

> Shalon Wood <> wrote:
> > Right, the Silver nodes are all PCI based. All other nodes currently
> > in existance, ie high, wide, and thin, use PPC chips AFAIK. On the
> No, the old wide nodes (595 derivatives) and 397 thin nodes are Power2 SC
> machines. The older ones are Power2.

Yeah, I verified that when I got to work monday. We only thought about
the CPUs at all on high nodes, and of course those are 604 and 604e
processors. I simply misremembered.

The one thing that SPs have that Beowulf doesn't is the hardware
control from the control workstation. IE, power-off, reboot,
etc. remotely. Does anyone know of a way to do this w/ linux? That
will work even if the system is wedged hard?

Oh, the frame supervisor card that puts all of the nodes serial
connections on one serial port is nice too, as is being able to watch
POST via s1term.

I don't suppose *that* would be doable on a Beowulf. Or could you dump
the POST stuff to a serial port, if you wrote your own bios? I don't
know enough about hardware to know if just a simple dump to serial is
possible that early....

Shalon Wood

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