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SubjectRe: HELP!! "Unable to open initial console"
Philip Blundell <> said:

> [Who was this?]
> >the wrong root partition on the LILO command line. (One wishes the
> >error message were more precise -- it could at least say why it can't
> >open it: "/dev/tty0 not found", "/dev/console not found", "/dev
> >directory missing".) This would be consistent with your suspicion that

> This is all done inside the kernel so you don't get much in the way of
> window dressing. An errno number could be arranged but that's about your
> lot. :-)

Come on, the application is certainly in a position to interpret the errno
for the user if it so wishes: It knows what it was doing, and if opening a
file (or whatever) fails, it can go look around what went wrong. Sure, it's
easier just to perror(3).
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