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SubjectRe: autofs vs. Sun automount -- new fs proposal
On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, David Mansfield wrote:

> The Solaris automounter allows a "seamless" mount of a local directory
> onto another place on the local filesystem. This is frequently used, for
> example, when a user logs in to the actual fileserver. The home directory
> is usually located at /export/home/joeblow and is automounted to
> /home/joeblow when referenced. This could, of course, be achieved by
> actually NFS mounting from the local server. I'd rather shoot myself
> however (am I sure Solaris doesn't do this? no)

Loopback filesystem. (not the loopback device.)

> So the question is, how difficult would it be to make a fs implementation
> that redirected requests for its top level directory to another fs'es
> directory, and did all the necessary house keeping. Would it be possible
> to just deal with the top level directory, or would all fs requests pass
> through a layer of interpretation?

Someone did. It never went anywhere, but I still have a copy of the patch
around, never updated beyond 2.0 kernels. A shame, because this is a
piece of sorely-missed functionality.


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