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SubjectRe: PATCH: Raw device IO for 2.1.131
>>>>> "David" == David S Miller <> writes:

David> From: Jes Sorensen <> Date: 14 Dec 1998
David> 14:10:08 +0100

David> Here is where I disagree with you, sendfile() is the right
David> answer to pushing data to the wire, SGI's solution is not right
David> and adds complexity to the kernel where it doesn't need to
David> exist.

> Provided that data is read directly from disk and put on the
> wire, yes.

David> And you were originally talking about fileserving and how Linux
David> lacks there, and this is why I made the statement I did. Now
David> you run off and say it is yet another application of data I/O
David> that we need something other than sendfile for.

Ok I should have mentioned that example in my previous posting. I
agree that sendfile() solves some of the problems, but without having
some sort of standard for it (afaik it's not accepted by POSIX or
anything, I could be wrong, haven't checked properly) I will have a
hard time telling people to use it - I will try though.

Anyway sendfile() is a special case and doesn't solve the whole
problem and as such I still think zero copy on write() is justified.

Sorry for the confusion.


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