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    Subjecttunneling advice needed

    Hi all,

    I've been playing around with the PC emulation of an embedded
    wireless/consumer electronics OS my company produces. Our current PC
    emulation is NT/DevStudio based; that's mainly driven by market demand
    and availability of drivers for things like ICEs + ROM emulators with PCI
    card interfaces (half the time it's all we can do to get docs in English
    instead of Japanese). I'd love to get our emulator up and running on
    Linux, though, for reasons that should be obvious to everyone here :-)

    My question has to do with networking. I'd like to find a way of
    conveniently making use of the TCP/IP stack (NetBSD based) in the
    emulated OS. I can use PPP with an emulation driver that provides access
    to Linux serial ports, plus a modem or null modem cable, but that's
    less convenient than a solution that lets me (or, more to the point,
    third party developers and evaluators) take advantage of the machine's
    native stack.

    Under NT, we use a PPTP (ugh!) network interface that tunnels to a
    central PPTP server. I can port the network interface easily enough,
    but I'd like to find a better solution. PPTP was a bear for our MIS
    department to set up, and NT Server falls over when it gets a PPTP packet
    that doesn't have enough je ne sais quoi. Plus, it's a dead end protocol.

    I'd be willing to try to throw together an L2TP interface, but my server
    search turned up only and it's still alpha;
    plus if I can find a lower-effort solution I'll use it.

    I'm curious: does anyone have a no brainer solution to this problem?
    There are so many permutations on the theme of tunneling and
    point-to-point links that I'm worried I'll miss an obvious solution.
    Ideally, I can do all of the fancy configuration on a central server
    and let developers' machines run an out-of-the box distribution, but if
    I'm told "it's 2 orders of magnitude easier to use PPP and IP aliasing,
    here's how you do it" then we'll just have a kernel recompilation party
    all around.

    BTW, IP address allocation should not be an issue; we've got enough free
    addresses on this subnet to reserve a static IP for anyone who will be
    using the emulator locally.


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