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SubjectRe: [LITTLE BIT OFFTOPIC] Re: crypto
At 01:37 PM 98/12/07 -0800, Alan Olsen wrote:
>Actually hooks to crypto routines are viewed as crypto routines for
purposes of
>export by the US Government. There have already been cases where open source
>developers have been asked by agents of the various US TLAs to remove such
>hooks. (The Apache development team comes immediatly to mind.)
>Currently the only solutions are either to get the laws changed or
breaking the
>law and hope they don't try to make an example of you. (Odds of the first one
>are slight as the US Government no longer represents ideals like "freedom",
>"justice", or "rationality".)
Or perhaps, if you are well financed, let them attempt to make an example of
you, and hope that the Supreme Court, which seems to be the last bastion of
freedom, justice, and rationality in the US Government, will agree with you and
free everyone else of the arcane restrictions without ever having to deal with
lobbying. The EFF would most likely be willing to aid in the case and there
is some chance the ACLU would...

Joseph Malicki

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