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    SubjectRe: amd3d flag listed as flag 31
    Followup to:  <>
    By author: Thomas Wouters <>
    In newsgroup:
    > If you wish for your kernel to show '3dnow!' instead of '31', you can change
    > the string in that piece of code. I suspect, however, that it isn't done in
    > the stock kernel because flag 31 isn't 'officially' 3dnow!, and intel might
    > use it for itself in some way (and screw 3dnow! drivers/applications that
    > dont check if the cpu is, indeed, an AMD.) -- This is just a guess though, I
    > dont know enough about ia32 and who specifies what to say anything
    > meaningful about it.
    > (Note that changing 31 into 3dnow! _could_ break code that checks if flag 31
    > is set by reading /proc/cpuinfo. I dont know of any such code and it'd be
    > silly code anyway (because who knows what the flag will be named in later
    > kernels) but I'll mention it none the less :)

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