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SubjectCDaudio sound on the CMI8330
This is another question in the ignore-him-he'll-go-away
series. It comes right after my previous one re the IDE
chipset on my TxPro mboard.

My sound card is an on-board pnp CMI8330 (which OSS calls
Audio Excel, for some reason), which I get to work via it
being a MSS of sorts. Is there any reason I can't get the
cdrom to play audio through the card? OSS/Linux used to
manage, but alas no longer. I don't use OSS/Linux anyway,
but I tried it once or twice.

Also, all the channels are screwed up: I've read ad1848.c
and I'm not to sure if I dare twiddle _that_ thumb yet. I
can try, but I always prefer to waste somebody else's time

I thought maybe the CMI8330 is the pnp version of the Audio
Excel DSP 16 III that Documentation/sound/AudioExcelDSP16
rants about, but I tried the solution detailed there (boot
dos, load drivers, configure, reboot) with no change. Well,
actually, even worse: no sound this time.

Any ideas?
(I'm no worshipper, so I won't say "any ideas, oh great
gurus of the open source temple", but if it'll get me
somewhere i could---NOT!. If someone someday came to me like
that I'd probably just feel terribly uncomfortable. I know,
because they do. The twits. All they do is prove they know
so little they don't know I probably know less than they. I
just guess quicker.)


While in Windows95 just now, I realized I had dumped a
rather large (43M) temp file there by mistake some time
back. I hit delete instead of shift-delete (because I've
been using wfw311 a bit more often than w95), and got the
"Not enough space on drive C: to erase file. Try erasing
some files to make more space" message. Oh boy I'd forgotton
/that/ one.

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