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SubjectRe: Comments on Microsoft Open Source documentA
> > Makes me think of writing application proxies that trash any attempt to
> > use M$ proprietary extensions.

> A more productive thing to do would be define and implement open extensions
> that have the same functionality as any proprietary MS extensions to standard
> protocols.

That has not worked in the past, e.g. when Netscape designed frames
in order to be incompatible to the accepted standard. I see no reason
why people should use the non-Microsoft thing, in the face of
"everyone" (read: the M$ influenced press) telling them that because
it's not M$, it must be inferior.

(Which is the only possible reason to use Windows anyway.)

> In many cases, the standard protocols aren't optimal. E.g., if one were
> designing the web from scratch, one could do a lot better than HTTP.

Most older protocols are even less optimal (I have in mind RFC 822 and
FTP as the worst offenders), but everyone keeps using them. The only
protocol that ever has successfully been abandoned since the
introduction of TCP was Gopher. Even HTTP/1.0 can do everything that
FTP does and can do it better (much easier to implement in certain
regards), but this hasn't stopped FTP from being used.


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