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SubjectRe: Comments on Microsoft Open Source documentA
Hi Olaf.

>> In many cases, the standard protocols aren't optimal. E.g., if
>> one were designing the web from scratch, one could do a lot better
>> than HTTP.

> Most older protocols are even less optimal (I have in mind RFC 822
> and FTP as the worst offenders), but everyone keeps using them. The
> only protocol that ever has successfully been abandoned since the
> introduction of TCP was Gopher.


> Even HTTP/1.0 can do everything that FTP does and can do it better
> (much easier to implement in certain regards), but this hasn't
> stopped FTP from being used.

One thing http/1.0 certainly does better than ftp is to freeze and
drop a link in mid transfer - something that happens with such
monotonous regularity for me that I've stopped even considering using
http for file transfers...

Best wishes from Riley.

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