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SubjectRe: Suggestion for /proc/net/dev: Additional field "Bandwidth"
On Sun, 8 Nov 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
> And could load it from a user configured file. Contrary to rumour many
> network devices don't know their speeds. You also need to keep rx/tx speed
> seperately and know if its half duplex.
> Then there are interfaces with a burst rate and committed data rate

Well at least with frame relay the committed data rate is automatically
available to the router, its passed in the LMI packets. Eg cisco shows

router#sh fr map
Serial0.16 (up): point-to-point dlci, dlci 16(0x10,0x400), broadcast, BW = 128000
status defined, active

The BW parameter is reported back to the cisco by the frame switch.


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