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SubjectRe: GURU needed: Linux vs. FreeBSD
>> "T" == Tethys  <> writes:

>> Still, I'm going to install Linux again (RH5.2) because of
>> applications (oracle-8, soon JDK with JIT).

T> So what happened to FreeBSD's fabled support for Linux binaries?
T> As I understood it, pretty much all Linux software now ran under
T> FreeBSD...

There are still problems with Linux threads. A few days ago the Linux
clone() system call was added to the Linux emulator. I hope indeed
that within some days the Linux emulator is able to run oracle-8 too.

>> It is really a pity that the most superior and best organized
>> system is behind w.r.t. commercial support.

T> It is really a pity that you feel the need to post flamebait
T> like this.

This is not flamebait! It is my opinion. While I'm very glad that
through Linux the free Unices get a lot of attention, which inderectly
is also good for FreeBSD, personally I really prefer FreeBSD because
of its robustness and its development process.

T> Both Linux and FreeBSD are superb systems, and I'd quite
T> happily run either on my machines. FreeBSD wins in some areas,
T> Linux in others. To claim FreeBSD is superior and better
T> organized is just wrong.

Indeed, that is true and I should have stated my opinion
differently. What I meant to say is that I prefer FreeBSD because of
several reasons, and I think it is a pity that I cannot do all I want
on FreeBSD (at the moment, until the Linux emulator is improved again)
because there's more commercial support for Linux.

( o.o ) Peter Mutsaers | Abcoude (Utrecht), | Trust me, I know
) ^ ( | the Netherlands | what I'm doing.

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