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    SubjectRe: Comments on Microsoft Open Source document
    Hi Alan.

    >> I know what you mean about SO5 - it's particularly unstable here
    >> (it likes to die and take the entire X server with it. The only
    >> recovery for me is the reset button :-()

    > Thats a bug in some versions of the S3 virge server, use XF86_SVGA
    > with the virge instead

    Care to tell more?

    I have an S3-ViRGE/DX graphics card with 4M of RAM, and the SVGA
    driver disnae produce a stable display on my monitor with it (the
    display slowly scrolls from top right to bottom left, an extremely
    disconcerting action), so I'm not willing to change over as a result.
    However, if there's a bug, I wanna know about it...

    Best wishes from Riley.

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