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    SubjectKNFSD question + others
    Hi !

    I've got a question on knfsd. I don't know too much about Linux kernel
    internals (maybe in the future :) so can you suggest a document/URL
    which can explain why a kernel based NFS implementation gives better
    performance than one running in user space. The other : how will knfsd
    share CPU time ? I mean if there is a server which is mounted by many
    clients through NFS, kernel will stay more and more time in kernel mode
    beacuse of the kernel based NFS implementation. This will decrease
    the usable CPU resources by user processes. But what can I do if (for
    example) interactive performance is much important than NFS' on a busy
    server ? Is there any document on new kernel features ? I'd like to get
    closer with kernel hacking but I've got major problems like this one.

    Thanx : Gábor Lénárt

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    "The truth is out there" "We're living together" "The future is dark."
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