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SubjectRe: linux-2.1.126 hangs Probing PCI bus
From: Stephen Williams <>
> I compiled 2.1.126 (no patches) configure for GENERIC on my PC164.
> It hangs right after "Probing PCI bus". I have included output from
> lspci -v, in case that is useful. (I'm running 2.1.102 just fine.) said:
> I bet you compiled 2.1.102 with other compiler. I had the problem too,
> and it turned out to be a timer problem. It only appeared when gcc (or
> egcs) produced too good code, and could be solved by inserting little
> delay on top of SMC93x_Init function.

That is true, 102 is compiled with (I think) gcc-2.7.2. Of course, that
compiler doesn't even compile the newer kernels.

Jay sent me a larger patch that includes this patch with it, so I will
try his larger patch first. I have high hopes, it's been a long time since
I've been able to compile a working kernel for my alpha:-(

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