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    SubjectKNFSD and autofs..
    I have a problem to report on KNFSD with 2.1.126 (and maybe earlier,
    this is the first kernel I've had on this system...) and autofs.

    I just got a spiffy older NEC 4x4 4 cd changer and put it in my linux
    machine I use for my file server. I setup autofs to map each cd to a
    different directory point and autochange the cd's when those directories
    are accessed. Works slick on the system itself and when exported under

    However, when I try to export the same directories under KNFS (with the
    latest linux-nfs tools), it tends to give a lot of errors and segfaults
    (and oopses) rpc.mountd. Otherwise NFS works great (problems with lockd,
    but that's probably a config error).

    I know this is not more information, but I mostly want to know who needs
    to know this, what information they want, and how I can help.



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