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SubjectRe: Erratic PS/2 Mouse in 2.1.126

In message <>, C S Hendrix writes:

> In message <>, w
> tes:
> > I have had this problem too. My solution was that I had gpm running
> > along with X Windows and they did not seem to like each other.
> > Removed gpm from the rc files, rebooted and it worked fine.
> That doesn't seem to affect me.
> > Ps/2 mouse, Xaccel 1.2 X server. I figured the ps/2 mouse stream was
> > getting
> > interrupted mid-packet and things didn't recover. Maybe you're having an
> > interrupt problem that exacerbating this?
> Well, one thing I _am_ seeing in addition to this, is thousands of
> interrupts per second from EATA DMA SCSI.
> This is with no disk activity.
> % (cat /proc/interrupts ; sleep 1 ; cat /proc/interrupts) | grep eata
> 11: 394173123 394165656 IO-APIC-level eata_dma
> 11: 394185079 394177612 IO-APIC-level eata_dma
> That is roughly 20K interrupts in a second!

Just following up my own post...

I _did_ see that huge among of interrupts in eata_dma.

However, I have determinted that is not causing the mouse problems
I'm seeing.

2.1.126 is also giving me problems with /dev/psaux and there is
no interrupt problem here.

For me, erratic mouse behavior and SCSI tape failures are the only
problems I'm having in 2.1 right now.

csh - - Dilbert is one of my coworkers...
"Work for something because it is good, not just because it stands
a chance to succeed." -- Vaclav Havel

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