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SubjectRe: Comments on Microsoft Open Source document
According to Johan Myreen:
> Graphics. Well, I guess "Linux has stolen grapics code from
> other Unix systems" is one way of saying that Linux is able to
> run the X11 Window System. Though I must say I find this point
> of view a bit twisted.

It's that fundamental orientation toward ownership, control, and

Consider: If MS were to distribute with Windows something that was
created by some other commercial software company, without
compensation to the creators, that *would* constitute theft.

And since MS can so easily buy the creators of cool things, it's come
to equate ownership with permission to redistribute.

But this is probably far enough afield of the Kernel list that we
should just drop it.
Chip Salzenberg - a.k.a. - <>
"There -- we made them swerve slightly!" //MST3K

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